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It is part of VIP ORLANDO the fact of being transparents with the information we provide, and we have the purpose to guarantee the well being of all our guests, therefore it is very important for us that you get to know and understand our Terms and Conditions that we have over the service we have offered.

Terms & Conditions

VIPORLANDO, LLC registered in the state of Florida as a travel agent with registration No. ST38337 will apply terms and conditions to your reservation of any given property you may have selected. Since the home vacations, villas, townhouses, apartments and condominiums, we represent are owned by different individuals and/or Management Companies; they may have specific rules and restrictions concerning their individual properties. When that’s the case we will provide an addendum to this Agreement spelling out these specific requests. Otherwise, we outline below the General terms and conditions of our “Agreement”.

I. General Aspects

All payments are in advances for booking the dwelling, rental cost and security deposits are to be made directly to our organization: VIPORLANDO, LLC received by us will the customer be entitled to check in.

VIPORLANDO, LLC accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable to any loss, damage, alteration, delay or changes arising from circumstances beyond our control, such as war or threat of war, Local, Federal or international conflict, fire or adverse weather conditions, government actions, closure, congestion at airports, cancellation or changes of schedules by airlines, or theft. We reserve the right to cancel any booking in case of a mayor issue.

VIPORLANDO, LLC and the administration of each resort accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or physical damage that would result from the occupation of the properties. We strongly recommend that CUSTOMER should acquire a holiday insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances during your stay.

VIPORLANDO, LLC is not responsible for any personal items forgotten on the vacation property. In that sense, THE CLIENT understands that such items abandoned at the end of their stay could be at the mercy of the company for any purpose deemed appropriate.

An emergency call is considered a call for the EMERGENCY SERVICE, if endanger the welfare of the occupants or the integrity of the vacation property. For example: fire or impending flood problems with air conditioning, theft, gas leakage among or other important contingencies.

THE CLIENT, that subscribes to this document, and contracts our products and services is TOTALLY agree to occupy the holiday property in a dignified and quiet manner , closing all doors and windows in order to protect their content and privacy. It also compromises to comply with the applicable rules and regulations of the resort and / or owners association. Accepts to exempt VIPORLANDO, LLC and its employees or owners from any claims, lawsuits, damages and other expenses arising from damages to any person or property occurring in the establishments concerned in the scope of this agreement.

II. About Clients, Guests or Visitors

THE CUSTOMER agrees to occupy the vacation property only with the number of people specified and admitted by VIPORLANDO, LLC In breach of this rule, THE CLIENT must immediately leave the unit and forfeit all money collected including all deposits. Apart from this, will be responsible for all damages that originate, fines, revenues ceased to receive and legal fees that may be necessary. Under NO circumstances, in Orlando properties will be allowed: more than 14 people to occupy a 6 bedroom, 12 people to occupy a 5 bedroom, 10 people to occupy a 4 bedroom, 8 people to occupy a 3 bedroom, 6 people to occupy a 2 bedroom or 4 people to occupy a 1 bedroom condominium or home. In Miami properties, the undersigned will not allow more than 7 people to occupy a 3 bedroom, 5 people to occupy a 2 bedroom, 3 people to occupy a 1 bedroom apartment. Finally, while there is no specific quiet time policy, though guests are asked to be respectful of the privacy and comfort of their neighbors.

PETS are not allowed in most of the units, for this reason CLIENTs, guests or visitors are not allowed to enter pets in the RESORTS without our knowledge and / or express authorization. The contravening of this rule requires a penalty of US $ 350 for the total stay, without prejudice to other additional expenses such as cleaning, fumigation, repair or replacement necessary and caused to the detriment of the holiday property.
Any part of the property is considered NO SMOKING AREA. Clients, guests and visitors must comply this rule. A $250 dollar charge might be considered for this violation.

III. About Vacacional Properties Reservations

For booking, the guest must pay 50% of the total amount for the rent of the vacation property. The balance must be paid 30 days before your arrival, otherwise will be considered as cancellation and the corresponding penalties will apply. In some special cases, promotions and under our approval, the initial payment of the reservation may be less than 50%. For arrivals during high season (Christmas, New Year and Easter), the client must pay the full amount of the reservation, at least 60 days before arrival.

The CONFIRMATION of the reserve ensures a specific and available holiday unit, in relation to the agreed stay. However, if, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the assigned accommodation is not available or in optimal conditions, VIPORLANDO, LLC will make every effort to provide a unit with the same or similar characteristics, but is not consider any reimbursement for such replacement.

VIPORLANDO, LLC seeks to provide THE CUSTOMER a pleasant and 100% satisfactory stay, so if the holiday unit does not meet the agreed requirements or presents any defect, THE CLIENT must indicate at the time of his/her check-in and let us know at the same day of his/her arrival: via email customerservices@viporlando.com or by phone 001- (407) 233 1371. After 48 hours it won’t be accepted any claim or property change.

IV. About the Check In & Check Out Process

The check-in time is at 4:00 p.m. For those who arrive earlier will be asked to wait for the above indicated time to register. In Bella Vida units, THE CLIENT must necessarily approach the club house offices for the CHECK-IN process, in other cases, customers must check in at the offices indicated in the booking confirmation. If the arrival is not at office hours, you must do the check- in the next day; otherwise, we reserve the right to change the access codes of the holiday property, which incurs an additional costs of US $ 100.

All guests must bring a credit card and ID with them at the time of check in, otherwise the guest must leave a $250 guarantee amount to assure any property management.
The CHECK-OUT time is at 10:00 am. There will be a surcharge of US $ 30.00 per hour if the unit is not vacated at the time set above. If circumstances beyond the client’s control were to happen, the client must notify us 48 hours before, by any means the guest can stay at the property later than 11.00 A.M.

The client/guest understands that if any object inside the property is damaged or lost, he/she will be responsible of repair or replacement of such item. For example: There is a $50 charge for loss of key or remote control. Also it is clear that there must not be any kind of debt, or broken/lost item at the time of check out, if this were the case the client authorizes us to charge this amount from their credit card.

V. About Cancelations and Refunds

VIPORLANDO, LLC understands as CANCELLATION to the changes of dates and properties that are made 30 days before the arrival of THE CLIENT. Such modifications are subject to availability and may incur penalties of US $ 100 more after the second change. Likewise, NO REFUNDS will be granted for that CHECK-OUT before the stipulated time, unexpected events or inclement weather.

Cancellations must be via email to the mail

The CLIENT will be charged a minimum general fee for the reservation process ($ 75) for any CANCELLATION. The amount will be automatically taken from the total deposit.

Refunds are calculated according to the number of nights, the season and the category of the property, according to the following.

  1. Cancellations with 31 or less days in advance the total loss of reservation, 32 to 45 days in advance loss of $ 250 rent. Between 45 to 90 days: cancellation fee for US $ 100.00; between 91 days or more: Full refund minus US $ 75.00 per cancellation.
  2. For high season like Easter, Christmas and New Year, THE CLIENT must notify us with not less than 60 days of anticipation regarding her/his date of arrival, otherwise a 100% penalty will be applied.
    In case of reservations made for a one month stay, the reimbursement is according to the following:
  3. Cancellations with 31 or less days in advance total loss of reservation, 32 to 60 days in advance loss of $ 400 of rent. Between 60 to 90 days: cancellation fee for US $ 200.00; between 91 days or more: Full refund minus US $ 75.00 per cancellation.
    For luxury category properties (consult with your sales executive) VIPORLANDO, LLC will impose THE CLIENT the following rates according to the cancellation:
    • From booking up to 60 days prior to arrival date 20% plus reservation processing fee ($ 75)
    • Between 30 and 60 days prior to arrival date 50% plus reservation processing fee ($ 75)
    • Less than 15 days prior to arrival date 100%.
      In case the reimbursement will be made as a bank transfer, VIPORLANDO, LLC is not responsible f or the payment by commission of international transactions.
      All of our resorts request a security deposit for all the properties. This amount will be requested prior or during your check in (registration process). This transaction will be HOLD from your credit card (therefore, you will need a valid credit card and ID) and it’s reimbursable* only if the property is left in good conditions upon check out. The rates vary depending of the Resort as you could see in this following description:
      • Seven Dwarfs: $150 Reimbursable*
      • Bella Vida: $250 Reimbursable* for villas of 3 and 4 bedroom and $500 Reimbursable* for homes of 6 bedroom.
      • Encantada: $150 Reimbursable*
      • Veranda Palms: $500 Reimbursable**
      • Paradise Palms, Windsor Hills, Windsor at Westside, Reunion, Festival and others: the rates will depend on the duration of the stay, property size, and resort that you reserved.

The deposits would be returned in a period of time from 7 to 15 business days. Usually, it will be returned to the credit card immediately, it will only depend of your bank processing days.

(*)Reimbursable deposit only if the property is left in the same conditions as it was found in the beginning of your stay. (We ask all our guest to let us know/report if they find something unusual and not considered in good conditions once you arrive into the property). If there is any damages, we will inform you the charge (amount in dollars $$) and we will proceed to charge your credit card an estimated fee if not the total amount.

(**)The Veranda Palms rates will vary depending on the property rented (the rate could be lower than $500, but not exceed the $500 either)

VI. About Cancelations of Tickets and Cars

VIPORLANDO, LLC understands as CANCELLATION to the annulment of ticket purchase or annulment for rental car service. Likewise not REFUNDS will be granted for the drop off car before the stipulated time, for unexpected events or inclement weather.

Cancellations must be via email to the mail info@viporlando.com or customerservices@viporlando.com
Once the purchase of TICKETS for the Disney theme parks and other attractions in Orlando have been done. THE CLIENT will not have the right to cancel the purchase; whatever the circumstances, there is NO right to a refund.
A minimum general fee of US $ 75.00 will be charged to THE CLIENT for any CANCELLATION of car reservation. Refunds are calculated according to the following.

Cancellations with 21 or less days in advance the total loss of reservation, 21 to 60 days in advance loss of $ 125 of rent. Between 60 or more: Full REFUND minus US $ 75.00 per cancellation.

VI. About Complementary Services

Once the car reservation is made, and within 15 days, VIPORLANDO, LLC reserves the right to change the driver or have a change in the vehicle.

In car renting, all charges are only approximated, if the vehicle is not returned to the office on the date and time specified or if the gas tank is not full at the time of the return and the Full fuel service option, the charges may change.

The P3 car rental agreement includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), plus the Comprehensive Coverage Option, and is accepted only for drivers with a foreign driver's license

VIPORLANDO, LLC is not responsible for the charges that the customer accepts in the pickup office of the car, for some changes of the car, additional Insurance, Fuel Charge service and Tolls charge, from the cars supplier; since these have additional cost and is under the responsibility of the client.

There are some hotel and apartment rentals that THE CLIENT must pay a special tax upon arrival and pay for the parking service upon arrival.

THE CUSTOMER, at the moment of requesting purchases and sending packages to the office, must pay $ 15 for each package that the offices in Orlando or Coral Spring have been received from the client.

Pool heating service or Jacuzzi heating service is optional and has a variable cost per week. The pool heater is turn on 24 hours before arrival, and this lasts for 8 hours. The pool will heat up between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat pump will run on contract, and limits the liability for the days when outdoor temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the guest manipulates the mechanism of the Jacuzzi or the heated pool, then the guest will take full responsibility for any damage done to people or property. VIPORLANDO, LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for the failure of pool heating equipment on the property. At first notification of equipment malfunction, the company management will solve the problem in a suitable manner and within a reasonable time. Parents should at all times to supervise their children when using the pool and other rooms during the stay. The additional service of cleaning will not be provided while the unit is been occupied for the CUSTOMER.

Once the purchase of tickets, the client cannot change their destination to the parks, or cancel the purchase, no refunds allowed

The purchase of tickets will maintain the price offered by the company as long as THE CUSTOMER pays the total, otherwise if he/she maintains a debt and ticket prices change, THE CUSTOMER will assume the new total of his reservation, the amount will be updated automatically as well as his/her debt; VipOrlando LLC is not responsible for any changing price in amusement parks.

Liability Disclaimer

The information, software, products, and services published on this website may include inaccuracies or errors. In particular VIPORLANDO, LLC does not guarantee not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the contents shown here, and is not responsible for any inconvenience they may cause; Since these are largely provided by the respective owner of each vacation property or the managing company that represent.

Customer Services Information

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at: customerservices@viporlando.com or call at these following numbers: +1 (407) 233 1370 or +1 (407) 233 1371.

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