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Frequently Asked Questions

1.- How to Book a property with VIP ORLANDO?

Booking your property is really easy. You only have to pay the 50% of the final price. The rest of it, you could pay it until 15 and 45 days before your arrival, depending on the season. Call us to: (407) 233 1370], 001 (954) 603 5019 or 001 (954) 510 9486 and we will help you out in the most convenient way.

2.- How can I make my payments?

You can choose which option is more convenient for you. You could pay with credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or check. Anything from your home.

3.- Can I pay monthly if I am travelling in a year?

Indeed. If your Travel date is within 12 months (or more), we offer you direct finance in order for you to pay monthly fees and without interests.

4.- Do you accept CADIVI electronic places, if I am from Venezuela?

Yes. For your convenience, we accept them. You may reach our vacation advisors in order to get more details and the conditions.

5.- Who needs to sign the Terms and Conditions (Contract)?

The cardholder (or person who made the payment) will be responsible of signing the document and of picking up the keys or door codes. If this person is not travelling, then 2 copies will be signed: one by the cardholder, and the other one, by the person who will be picking up the keys.

6.- When will I receive my confirmation email?

You will receive it within 2 business days (48 hours) of have done the first payment (or total payment). You will have to send us back the required documentation (including the signed contract) first. Once we have this, we will send you a confirmation email of the payment and documentation. In the other hand, once you finish paying for all of it, we will send you the confirmation email that includes your property address, door codes (most of the cases), dates and other important information.

7.- Are there any additional fees for using the common areas or amenities like the pool?

Not at all. If you are a guest in any of our Resorts, you have the option to enjoy (without extra payment) of all the amenities. However, it is better to ask our travel advisors if you have a specific requirement.

8.- Do all the properties have Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi connection depends of each particular property. Most of them do have this facility, especially in the Miami and Orlando area. Therefore, you must rent them time ahead because if we only have properties without Internet, and you require this service, there will be an extra cost for this.

9.- Are the homes equipped with towels and bed sheets?

Yes, indeed you will find a number of towels and bed sheets that will depend in the number of guests, or house capacity. You will also get 1 additional set. We recommend you to bring with you bathroom and towel paper since there it is not additional for this in the house.

10.- Can I request to have groceries and supplies left in the house ready for my arrival?

Of course you can. This service has an extra cost and could be requested until 24 hours before your arrival. You would only have to send us a list of what you need, and we will provide it to you in your rented villa/home.

11.- What should I take with me for my Check In?

All you need is your Confirmation email (with the address and detailed information of your Reservations), ID and a valid credit card.

12.- Which is the best season for enjoying the theme parks and different attractions in Orlando?

It depends on how important the weather and the crowd are for you. In high season (December 15th to January 15th/ July 1st to August 15th/ Holly Week) there is a lot of tourists, therefore it could be really hard to find availability and good prices. From October to May, the weather is quite cold but dry, during the day it could reach 22°C and during the night 10°C. From June to September, the weather is humid, during the day it could reach 32°C and during the night 22°C.

13.- Do the theme parks work during Christmas and New Years?

Yes, the theme parks are open every day, yearly. Make sure without travel advisors the availability and hours for the attractions you are interested, so they can confirm this to you (It might change time to time).

14.- What are the benefits of acquiring VIP Orlando services?

We are 11 years experienced specialists in the Travel and home rental field. We are oriented to give the best service to our customers, in the fastest and most efficient way. We work with a diverse range of affordable prices and we provide a personalized service in order to save you time and effort.

15.- How much is the parking in Disney theme parks?

Parking in Disney is $22 for regular cars and motorcycles. If you have a trailer or anything bigger, the price might change. Please contact us so we can give you and estimated price for something bigger. Once this parking payment is done, you could use it for any of the other 3 parks, getting in and out without being charged once again in the same day.

16.- Can I finance my stay?

Of course you can, with a minimum of $250 as an initial. The rest of it could be paid until 30 days before of your arrival (in regular season), and during high season, it must be paid 60 days before. For Christmas, Holly Week and another festivities, conditions could change. Please contact our advisors.

17.- What else could I do in Orlando?

There is a lot to enjoy, besided theme parks. Entertainment in the best word to describe Orlando. We suggest you contact our advisors and ask them about malls, outlets, water parks, and anything that could come into your mind. You will find, for sure, Wallmart, Target and other big chains, where you could find anything! And if you are coming during Black Friday, you will get the best deals of your life!

18.- What it is included in the prices that I was offered by email?

We believe in transparency and honesty, that why we adapt our Budget in what the market demands. We include taxes, commissions, and administrative expenses in the total. If you require, additional services as daily cleaning, pool heating, BBQ/Grill service, babysitter, or other, you could get them by an accessible price that you must checked with our advisors.

19.- Now that I am a member of VIP Orlando family, what do I need to take with me for my home rental?

We give you a full equipped property (with the utensils you need for cooking/ cleaning/ etc). Therefore, the only things you need to take with you are:

  • Clothes, swimsuit, comfortable shoes.
  • Medicine (with medical prescriptions).
  • Personal Cleaning equipment (soap, shampoo, tooth brush, etc).
  • Home equipment like toilet paper, dish soap, tower paper.

Our team of professional vacation planners will be guiding you from start to finish. This way we can ensure an incredible vacation experience and wonderful time in Florida

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